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Good Stuff And Bad Stuff Happens - 848 Words

Good stuff and bad stuff happens, no human is exempt to the trajectory of either the good or the bad. Inexplicable sorrows exist, from large-scale miseries, such as natural disasters, wars, or famines, to personal circumstances that confront each as individuals, for example, cancer, loneliness, or depression. These sorrows, as well as numerous other sources of human suffering, create questions that weigh heavy on one’s soul. Especially questions similar to, â€Å"Why did God let this happen to me?† The â€Å"why† is a question that Dobson (1993) proposes all people at some point struggle to find the answer. Boinon, Charles, Dauchy Sultan (2011), in their study of positive thinking, shines a light on the healing impact positive thinking can have on the body’s immune system and the ability for repairing itself. Incidentally, Lynn, Yoo, and Levine (2014) report the relaxing and inspiring benefits produced from meditation on biblical scripture(s). Research sh ows that the practice of religion, attending religious services, prayer, and the study of scripture significantly impacts a period of crisis, such as a cancer diagnosis, and feelings of frustration, fatigue, helplessness, depression, and anxiety by creating a new meaning for life and death, ultimately rendering hope and empowerment to practicing individuals (Lynn, Yoo, Levine, 2014; Sadati, Lankarani, Gharibi, Fard, Ebrahimzadeh, Tahmasebi, 2014). These studies are encouraging in validating the efficacy of the power of God andShow MoreRelatedOutline Of Death Penalty1013 Words   |  5 Pagesthe bad person as for him/her too. The death penalty is uncivilized in theory and unfair and inequitable in practice. The percentage of death penalty is more than we think it strive to prevent executions and seek the abolition of capital punishment. I am on con side but there are things that if bad people wont have death penalty then many other people will do bad stuff. But bad thing is that many people could just for nothing be death penalty and the truth could be out after all could happen. ButRead MoreWhat Kids Should Do When Theyre Bored and Stay Active 637 Words   |  3 Pageswhen your bored but that’s not good you need to stay active don’t eat when your bored. Cause you will get very unhealthy and make your heart in a bad shape you won’t be able to do fun stuff like run around with you friends or play tag with them at the park. All kinds of people do different things when there bored just make sure to do healthy stuff. Some people play video games with there friends to past time that’s good just don’t eat and play a lot cause its bad for your eyes and your healthRead MoreEssay on The History of Chemistry770 Words   |  4 PagesMicroscopes help see small samples (2013 eNotes.com). These are just a few of the stuff we use today in chemistry. So what was society like without all this stuff we have today? Well we could say they weren’t as affective of some of the stuff we have today. For intense they had some of the stuff we have to day but ours is just more advanced now. The more advanced we are the more we will be better off in society with the stuff we have in the future. Natural resources help with chemistry in many waysRead MoreSweating the Small Stuff692 Words   |  3 PagesSweating the Small Stuff The phrase Dont Sweat the Small Stuff is helpful for keeping individuals focused on the big picture at hand. However, as the article by Senior Chief Murphy points out, it is important to give attention where attention is due, but not to overlook important elements of tasks, projects, assignments or responsibilities that may also warrant attention (2013). One reason for this is that overlooking more and more of the small stuff can create a relaxed attitude a belief thatRead MoreCrt 205 Final Paper1576 Words   |  7 Pages | |2 |Identify any examples of bias presented by the |She was not bias about what she was talking about. She says that they both | | |author. If none exist, explain how you |are bad but that Cyberbullying is just a little worse then regular bullying.| | |determined this. |What she was trying to get across was the difference between Cyberbullying | | | Read MoreCarrying Capacity1042 Words   |  5 Pagesnothing could go wrong, we expect others do fix everything. That is where we’re wrong. Today lots of people are saying the world won’t reach a carrying capacity, but I disagree. I think the world will reach its carrying capacity before 2100. This will happen for many reasons: Natural Disasters, Wars, too little resources, Diseases, and many others. Diseases and sickness are enormous things in our world today. Even though we are currently finding ways to cure and reverse the sicknessesRead MoreNew Orleans: A Historic City849 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"Creole† as â€Å"a child born in the Spanish Colonies.† New Orleans has a lot of history to it, very exciting too. There is a tradition that New Orleans has every year and it’s a festival called Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a very special event that happens yearly. Everyone wears colors like purple, green, and gold. They wear long beads caught from the beautiful floats. They sit on the ground throwing balls, playing music, having a picnic, and watching the crowds walk by between parades. Also, NewRead MoreWhat Makes A Big Deal?1631 Words   |  7 Pageshave a better understanding I do not regret anything that we did and I get that flings move on from each other. You were very patient with me and good to me. You were always honest with me when it came to sex and that taught me a lot too. I do not blame you saying you lead me on or think of you in a bad way I never have and never will. I know you’re not a bad man yes you have issues just like the rest of the world and it’s understandable why acted the way you have and hopefully now that’s changed forRead MoreExamples Of Foreshadowing In The Landlady814 Words   |  4 Pagessituation is probably to good to be true. Billy Weaver failed to realize this. Billy Weaver is the main character of a short story called â€Å"The Landlady†. The author of the short story is Roald Dahl, and the genre of the short story is fiction. The short story is about a man named Billy who gets off the train and enters a city named Bath. He needs somewhere to stay for a little while, so he went looking for a Boarding House. He found a good looking place and he thought to himself how good the place is. TheRead MoreThe Waste Management Of America Should Be Improved1187 Words   |  5 Pagesarea where the trash would be put. It would be great. The technologies used in our city is drones. The drones do a lot of stuff for us so the city is more safe and the police have helped. They are run on solar power and wind power, have brain chips inside their heads and can only be programmed by the creator to ensure that they are not hacked into and made to do bad things. The drone can be used by the public in various ways as helping when lost and can also provide water bottles to the thirsty

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